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Social Media Success in 2014
Aug 12, 2021
Stefanee Alcantar

 Social Media Success in 2014

 by StefaneeA

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10 Tips To Rule at
Social Media This Year

Social Media Success in 2014


Choose Your Platform Wisely

There are hundreds of options,
choose the ones that make the
most sense and
choose just 5 - TOPS.


Make Social Media Special

Offer truly desirable things
like discounts and giveaways
solely to people who follow
you on social media.


Post Timely

Do your research and know the best days and times to post for your industry and demographics.

Don’t just collect reports;
read them, translate them
and turn them into action.

Use Analytics



Build A Relationship

Don’t just preach at your
audience, but engage them,
get them involved and always
promptly reply to outreach.


Use Images

People are becoming more
attracted to images such
as infographics or easily
digestible videos.


Make It Easy To Share

Make it as easy to share your
posts as possible. Link viewers
to a landing page on your website
or another social site.


Strike a Balance

Make fans think they "know
you" in the right way. You
don't want to get too personal
or seem stiffly professional.

An embarrassing typo can cause
a world of hurt and is easily
avoidable. Triple check all posts!

Grammar Matters



Build Social Media Into Your Business Plan

Implement social media into
your business plan and set
goals for different time periods.

Social Media Success in 2014
Stefanee Alcantar
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