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9 Reasons not to sign a Lease Purchase
Aug 07, 2021
Kevin Rutherford

 9 Reasons not to sign a Lease Purchase

 by kevinonxm

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By: Kevin Rutherford

9 Reasons not to
sign a Lease Purchase


If you don't have any money and
you have poor credit, you are
not ready to start a business!

Reason # 9



Reason # 8

You don't want to lease your
equipment from
the same company
that controls your income


Reason # 7

You don't "own" the truck, you
are only renting it. This limits
your ability to modify the truck
or to take it to another carrier.


Reason # 6

You will end up paying more than you should for a truck with specs you didn't choose.


Reason # 5

They'll kill you with escrow accounts
and holdbacks. Your money will be tied
up and you won't have access to it.


Reason # 4

Your balloon payment will
likely be more than the
truck is worth at the time.

The failure rate on lease
purchase trucks is over 80%.

Reason # 3



Reason # 2

You could LOSE every penny and every
bit of sweat equity in your truck.
Most LP deals can be cancelled at
anytime by either party.


The biggest reason.

You want the pride of knowing
you did the "hard work" and
this business and this truck
is yours, not just on temporary loan.

9 Reasons not to sign a Lease Purchase
Kevin Rutherford
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