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Elvis Up For Auction
Jul 30, 2021
Tumburu Singh

 Elvis Up For Auction

 by TumburuSingh

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Elvis Up For Auction

You Could Own a Piece
of Elvis History

Graceland to host an auction
of choice of Elvis memorabilia.

1958 Military
Leave Pass

Serving in the Army in Germany,
Presley's grandmother and father
joined him for a stay, and he
helped them settle in.

Custom Gold Jewelry

Including a gold ring with
a star sapphire made from
a golden nugget (worn on stage).

1969 Handwritten
Set List

"People don't realize he took so much a
part of his shows," said Priscilla...
the song order was important to him.

Martin Guitar

In the 1950s, the legendary singer went
from Martin to Gibson guitars, then
returned to Martin late in his career.

Elvis' 1953 "Love Me
Tender" screenplay

For his first movie, Elvis got
down to business and studied
everyone's lines — not just his own.

Key to Las
Vegas from 1970

After his second performance in Sin City, Elvis was presented with a plaque and the symbolic key to the town.

Not For Sale

Blue suede shoes.

Elvis Up For Auction
Tumburu Singh
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