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The Effects Of Negative Emotions On Our Bodies
Jul 08, 2021

 The Effects Of Negative Emotions On Our Bodies

 by Brooks

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The Effects Of Negative
Emotions On Our Bodies

Mind Body Connection

Our emotions and experiences
are essentially energy that
can be stored in the cellular
memory of our body.

Neck Pain

Relates to stubbornness
and inflexibility

Upper Spine Pain

Represents lack of emotional support,
feeling unloved or holding back love

Middle Spine Pain

Represents guilt and/or
being stuck in the past

Lower Spine Pain

Caused by lack of financial
support and fear of money loss

Joint Pain

Represents changing directions in
life and the ease of these movements

Hip Pain

Caused by a fear of going forward
or having nothing to go forward to

Bone Breaks
or Fractures

Caused by rebellion against authority


Caused by a lack of joy in
meeting experiences in life

We Have The Power

When feeling pain, our body is
providing us with helpful clues
to learn and grow in our environments.

The Effects Of Negative Emotions On Our Bodies
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