Jul 08, 2021
Lavinia Wanjau


 by Covet

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We're finishing the final touches on Slipp.
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About Us

Cricket May is a recently created
shoe line. Our aim is to indulge
every shoes lover's dream by
availing shoes absolutely love.

Platform Heel

Beautiful purple silk complemented
by soft leather newspaper print
pattern for the platform heel.

Heeled Sandal

Made from ultra-vibrant lambskin soft
purple/pink leather combined with zebra
print hair fabric that's surprisingly tough

Wedge Heel

Elegant semi-transparent lace overlay
against light blue silk makes this shoe
a must have for any shoe lover

Party Heel

Beautiful shoe made of magenta
silk and floral snake-print leather


A combination of soft yellow leather
and black and white cotton blend makes
this the perfect summer shoe

Ankle Boot

Suede and snakeskin. What
more could we ask for?

Low Gladiators

Soft yellow leather with yellow
and white stripped cotton blend

Contact Us

Contact person: Lavinia Wanjau

Email: info@covet-lifestyle.com


We hope you love our collection.
We would love to be considered
for collaboration in the future.

Lavinia Wanjau
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