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Ingenious Reinventions Of Everyday Products
Jun 25, 2021

 Ingenious Reinventions Of Everyday Products

 by Drew333

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Ingenious Reinventions Of Everyday Products

Expanding Table

In a simple rotation The Fletcher
Capstan Table expands 3x its size
in seconds.


LiquiGlide is a non-toxic coating
materials that allows every single drop
of your favorite condiment to flow
out effortlessly.

Origami Panels

Artist Klemens Torggler's Evolution Door is a 4-panel "flip panel door" that opens and closes as elegantly as paper.

Invisible Bike Helmet

The Hövding is actually an air bag that uses a helium gas cylinder to inflate when its sensors detect a sudden jolt.

Smart Light Bulbs

LIFX is a new lightbulb that is not only
multicolored, but can be controlled
through any device with Wi-Fi and
an app.

Shapeless Water Bottle

Ooho is a biodegradable and edible membrane made of brown algae that can hold water.

Rekindle Candle

The Rekindle Candle was designed by artist Benjamin Shine. This candle holder collects melting wax to form a new candle.

Outlet-Free Nightlight

The SnapRays GuideLight replaces bulky night lights that take up outlet space and lasts 25 years.

Ingenious Reinventions Of Everyday Products
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