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Starbucks Wireless Charging Plan: Meet Powermat
Jun 23, 2021

 Starbucks Wireless Charging Plan: Meet Powermat

 by Jacob_Ryan

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Starbucks Wireless Charging Plan:
Meet Powermat

Starbucks plans to install free wireless
charging stations in its stores.
Will you use it?

The Setup

Charging stations built into tabletops and bars will let customers charge their phones simply by placing
them on the table.

The Journey

Starbucks has been piloting the use of Powermat at select locations in San Jose and Boston since last year.

The Plan

Starbucks doesn't expect to deploy the Powermat system in most major markets until 2015.

How It Works

The wireless system employs a charging pad that passes current to a recipient device using coils
to convert the energy.

The Catch

The iPhone doesn't support wireless charging at all.

The Solution

Starbucks must decide whether or not to invest in Powermat accessories that provide necessary hardware to make it iOS friendly.

Why Wireless Charging?

Customer Convenience. Wireless means less hassle and
draws foot traffic from people with a low cell battery.
Win- win.

Starbucks Wireless Charging Plan: Meet Powermat
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