The Many Great Reasons To Use Slipp
Jun 17, 2021
Rahulio Sonnad

 The Many Great Reasons To Use Slipp

 by Rahullio

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The Many Great
Reasons to use Slipp

An Ideal Phone Experience

Your friends and followers can be sure Slipp's quick and vivid experience is perfect for their phone

Extraordinary Viewing Engagement

Over 70% of viewers get to the end of a Slipp and the 20% bounce rate is 1/3rd of what's average on mobile.

Slipps are designed to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and messaging services like Whatsapp.

Perfectly Sharable

Your Message with
No Distractions

Slipp lets your readers completely focus on your message and not all the distractions of the internet.

Attention Span Appropriate

Slipps are always of a size that lets you give enough information, without overwhelming your viewer.

Pleasing Aesthetics

Viewers feel good when they get content in the Slipp format, due to it's clean, crisp form.

The process of creating and
viewing Slipps is quick and easy while still
offering a high impact experience for all.

Slipp Saves Time


Slipp offers quick and visual content messages with better engagement for today’s modern digital landscape.

The Many Great Reasons To Use Slipp
Rahulio Sonnad
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