Top 10 Celebrity Sports Fans
Jun 02, 2021
Aaron Bay

 Top 10 Celebrity Sports Fans

 by Aaron_Bay

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Top 10 Celebrity
Sports Fans

His first dream was to become a
soccer player and, along with his
son, is now a fervent
Chelsea supporter


Gordon Ramsay (Chelsea FC)

Milano writes a blog for the MLB website and developed a clothing line for female baseball fans


Alyssa Milano (Los Angeles Dodgers)

He moved behind the camera to channel his passion for the team while directing "Straight Outta L.A." for ESPN


Ice Cube (Oakland Raiders)

Stewart broke down in tears after Celtic’s historic victory against Barcelona


Rod Stewart (Glasgow Celtic)

In 2013, Drake took his fandom to the next
level and officially became the team’s
global ambassador


Drake (Toronto Raptors)

King displayed his fandom by writing the non-fiction book "Faithful" with Red Sox fanatic
Stewart O'Nan


Stephen King (Boston Red Sox)

Jack has been a constant court-side presence over the last 25 years, often arguing with referees


Jack Nicholson (Los Angeles Lakers)

Lee's fandom is immortalized in the 2010 ESPN documentary "Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. the
New York Knicks"


Spike Lee (New York Knicks)

He cemented his reputation as a super-fan when he signed a one-day minor league contract with
the Yankees


Billy Crystal (New York Yankees)

Sir Elton John Invested significant amounts of his personal funds in hiring the manager, Graham Taylor


Sir Elton John (Watford FC)

Top 10 Celebrity Sports Fans
Aaron Bay
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