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SLIPP Product Introduction
May 29, 2021
Rahulio Sonnad

 SLIPP Product Introduction

 by Rahullio

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We're finishing the final touches on Slipp.
If you'd like to request an invitation to
join us in getting more from Slipp and creating your own Slipps.
Please give us your e-mail.
We'll be in touch within a few weeks.


Today, people are usually on their
phones and have limited attention.
But most content isn't
designed for this reality.

Why We Made SLIPP

Slipp is the ideal format for
quick, engaging content in a
mobile-dominated landscape.

For Today's Mobile
Content Consumer

Slipps are always compact so
excess information doesn't
overwhelm the message.

Easy to Digest

Slipp makes viewing content drop-dead
simple, without forcing the user to jump
through various navigational hoops.

Easy to Operate

Slipps let you feature beautiful,
highly engaging imagery. After all, a
picture is worth a thousand words.

Picture Value

Using Slipp means you don't need
to be a design wizard to make your
message look and feel great everywhere.

Awesome Everywhere

Slipp works perfectly with Facebook,
Twitter and Pinterest. And plays nicely with
e-mail, blogs and messaging apps.

Don't Sweat
Over Social

Slipps move around the world
across all the sharing networks
with grace and style.

Atomically Sharable

Unlike websites or blogs, Slipp lets you
create content experiences with
elegance and impact in minutes.

Stunning Simplicity

We made Slipp because consumers are
ready for a better content experience
on their most important device.

A More Engaging
Content Experience

SLIPP Product Introduction
Rahulio Sonnad
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