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Frightening Pictures from Russian Dating Sites
Apr 07, 2021
Laxmi Sankar

 Frightening Pictures from Russian Dating Sites

 by LaxmiSankar

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Frightening Pictures from Russian Dating Sites

Everyone wants someone to love, in Russia, they take it a little overboard.

Looking For Love In All The Wrong places

Disney didn't have her in mind when they created Ariel. I wonder what Ursula looks like in Russia?

The Not-So-Little Mermaid

Um, we'd rather date the fish. Is this some weird turn-on in Russia that we don't know about?

Must Like Reclining With Gigantic Dead Seafood

Nothing says I'm looking for love than a girl who can get on all fours and eat a watermelon.

SWF ISO Picnic Loving M

He's looking for the right kind of lady who isn't the jealous type.

Goat is #1 girlfriend; You, #2

This guy really knows what he wants: a clean lady who like high powered, automatic firearms.

Turn Ons: M16's & Vacuuming

If sexy pants squatting with cigarette isn't gonna do it, his brother leg splitter will.

Must enjoy cigarettes & advanced gymnastics

This bikini clad vixen isn't going to let a backed up drainage get in her way of her Sports Illustrated cover.

Just Pretend It's Aruba

In her mind, she's on a warm, sandy beach in Goa. In reality, she's gonna get Hep B.

Nothing Says Love Like Laying On Garbage

Dream date: I like to play kidnap. I'll dress sexy & get in your trunk. You can drive me far from town.

Car Not Included, But Name Your Price

Frightening Pictures from Russian Dating Sites
Laxmi Sankar
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