Incredible Celebrity Body Transformations
Apr 04, 2021
Laxmi Sankar

 Incredible Celebrity Body Transformations

 by LaxmiSankar

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Celebrity Transformations

Life sure does make you hungry- stress, boredom & just plain cravings have most people bursting at the seams.

They're as vulnerable to snack attacks & stress binges as we are. See how some of them overcame them.

Celebrities Are Not Immune

The Sopranos star lost 35 pounds after her parents' death 3 years ago. She wanted to live her best life yet.

Lorraine Bracco

The daughter of Elvis has returned to her teenaged weight by turning vegan & practicing healthy habits.

Lisa Marie Presley

He lost 90 lbs after his child was born. He lost the same amount previously but this time, he plans to maintain it.

Tom Arnold

She couldn't believe how much she weighed. Weight Watchers helped her slim down.

Jessica Simpson

She was voluptuous at the AMAs in 2012. She wowed the red carpet at the AMAs in 2013 with this body makeover.

Christina Aguilera

Teenaged: LiLo was pert and chunky. Adult: Hot mess LiLo is downright emaciated.

Linday Lohan

Lost weight & his movies didn't do so well. Gained his weight back & got nominated for an Oscar.

Jonah Hill

The largest Kardashian sister has battled her weight in the spotlight. She seems to have slimmed down for good.

Khloe Kardashian

Incredible Celebrity Body Transformations
Laxmi Sankar
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