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Malibu Paddle Club

(The smallest
club in Malibu)

Welcome to the club

Here's answers to some questions you might have about getting ready to paddle in Malibu.

What to wear?

Plan for your legs to get wet. No wet suits.
Yoga wear or swim
wear is good.

What kind of Boards?

The boards are inflatable. They take 7 minutes to pump up. It also means that if they hit you they don't hurt.

Will I fall in and get wet and cold?

Probably not. It depends on waves and balance. If you fall in you'll be fine, but will get a bit chilly.

Should I bring a camera or valuables - like jewelry?

Not unless they are waterproof and/or expendable. I'll take some pictures.

What if I'm not a good swimmer?

You can wear a snorkeling vest. These are not bulky and if you fall in you can float easily for days.

What types of marine life might I see if I pay attention.

Lots of birds, seals, dolphins, fish, jelly fish and the vast bounty the ocean has to offer.

Where are the good places to paddle in Malibu?

Paddling is great at Topanga Beach , Carbon Beach, Escondido Beach and other locales.

What should I bring?

Bring water, a sweatshirt, a towel, a change of clothes, snacks, and a sense of adventure and a big smile.


How much fun will this be?

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