What Can I Do With Slipp?

By Phyllis Zimbler Miller @ZimblerMiller

Slipp is a new free Internet service that enables you in minutes — from your computer or smartphone — to create a visual story to promote your brand, business, blog or book and then share your visual story across the web.

Imagine you have a new sneaker brand and you want to tell the world about why and how you make your special sneakers.

Sign up for a free Slipp account and in minutes you can tell your story in a visual medium optimized for smartphones.

Besides the cover card (screen), you have 11 cards and a hot link to get your key points across.  Each card provides a headline, photo and text of up to 140 characters.

Continuing with our imaginary new sneaker brand example, the cover card would announce the new brand name and display a photo of the shoes.

The next card might announce the target market for these particular new sneakers, and you can use a Google photo search to find a photo of people who exemplify your target market.

Then you have additional cards on which to explain the other important features and benefits of your brand’s new sneakers with photos that complement the headline and text.

At the end of the card sequence you can include a hot link to your company website or elsewhere.

Then share the link to your Slipp throughout the social media universe.  And get your target market checking you out via Slipp!

Now experience the power of Slipp yourself.

If you have any questions, email product guy Brian Skipworth at brian@slipp.in

Or leave your questions and comments below.

And we did mention that this powerful new internet service is FREE!